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A Father. A son. and riv.

Tiger’s father, Earl Woods, put a club in Tiger’s hands when he was barely able to walk. The rest as they say, is history.

As Tiger started to play more golf, one of his favorite parts of the game became putting. Tiger still credits his dad for teaching him the basics of putting. From his first start on the PGA TOUR, to US Amateur Championships, to major victories, Earl’s putting lessons have stuck with Tiger.

To honor his dad and help him remember those putting lessons, Tiger uses a quarter to mark his ball on the green. But not just any quarter.

“I always carry a quarter when I play,” Tiger explains. “The quarter I carry is a 1932 quarter because who taught me how to putt? It was my dad. My dad was born in 1932, so every putt my dad is with me.”

Not only did his father introduce Tiger to the game of golf, but he also took Tiger to watch his first PGA TOUR event, held at The Riviera Country Club. Growing up not too far from Riviera, it turned into a very special place in Tiger’s life, not only did he make great memories with his dad, but he also made his PGA TOUR debut at the famed course in 1992 and now serves as the tournament host for The Genesis Invitational.

As Father’s Day approaches, think about all the fun games and activities you do with your dad. They could turn into something you continue to do together as you get older or even something you could one day become a pro at.

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2020 youth day

On Saturday, February 15, more than 1,000 young golf fans from all over Southern California came to The Riviera Country Club for youth day during The Genesis Invitational. Check out all the highlights from the amazing day at featured a youth golf exhibition with PGA TOUR pro Erik van Rooyen.

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