Thanks to the support of Genesis and The Genesis Invitational’s partners, fans and volunteers, TGR Foundation has been able to expand its impact to students in the Los Angeles community and beyond. Since 2016, the foundation has expanded the Earl Woods Scholar Program, welcoming a cohort of students from underresourced schools in LA each year. TGR Foundation also expanded its programs throughout the LA community to serve middle and high school students, providing access to free learning resources through virtual learning and in-person at TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim. The foundation also has continued to expand free professional development for local educators.


Founded in 1926 as a way to raise funds for the greater Los Angeles Community, The Genesis Invitational has a long history of making a positive impact on the community. In April of 2016, Tiger Woods became host of the 90-plus year-old tournament with his TGR Foundation becoming the primary charitable beneficiary of The Genesis Invitational.

The connection between Tiger Woods and The Genesis Invitational runs deep. Tiger attended many tournaments as a kid with his father, watching the greats of that era play. Riviera Country Club was the site of Woods’ PGA TOUR debut in 1992 as a 16-year-old amateur. Four years later, Tiger turned pro and founded TGR Foundation. The original inspiration for the foundation was based on the Woods family motto of share and care, with a dream to empower youth to reach their highest potential. Tiger’s vision for the foundation refocused following the events of September 11, concentrating on providing underserved youth with hands-on education programs along with holistic support, guidance and mentorship.

“I wanted a permanent, safe space for kids to explore their dreams,” Woods said. “We created the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim and the Earl Woods Scholar Program, honoring my dad.”

TGR Foundation offers a series of education programs including STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) college-access and career exploration programs for middle and high school students as well as professional learning for educators.

Students enter the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, CA. Photo was taken in 2019.
Members of the Earl Woods Scholar Program Los Angeles cohort.


During the 2018 Genesis Invitational, Woods announced the renaming of his foundation from Tiger Woods Foundation to TGR Foundation, underscoring the fact that the foundation was bigger than one person alone and that it belonged to the community and students served.

“The foundation and the work we do in my opinion is bigger than my name,” Woods said at the time of the foundation’s name change to TGR Foundation. “I want something to live in perpetuity that doesn’t have to do with me, it’s about kids and having an opportunity to get their education, to have the support that we give them and the resources that we try to provide for them to make something of themselves. With our new digital platform, we’ll be reaching millions of kids through the next couple years, which is going to be very exciting.”

For 25 years, TGR Foundation has worked to create a world where opportunity is universal and potential is limitless. With an unwavering commitment to impact underserved youth, the foundation’s mission is to empower students to pursue their passions through education. In February 2021 leading into The Genesis Invitational, TGR Foundation met Woods’ challenge of ‘reaching millions’ with the announcement of two million students served through in person and digital programs.


As TGR Foundation celebrates reaching two million students, its focus remains on driving equity and access in education. With the launch of its new Pathways Forward initiative, the foundation will expand efforts to build accessible pathways to personal and professional success.

“Jobs of the future are continuing to change and it’s up to us to give kids the education, the tools and the skills necessary to be successful,” TGR Foundation President & CEO Gordon McNeill said. “We need to act now to increase underserved students’ opportunities to see and achieve beyond their dreams. Every day that we miss is a day that another student is missing out on what is possible. Together we can make a difference and we can make it now.”

The Pathways Forward initiative will fund innovative offerings, inspiring learning spaces and accessible career pathways as the foundation works to reach more underserved youth in the years ahead.

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Mai, a scholar in the Earl Woods Scholar Program, interviews Tiger Woods at The Genesis Invitational.

Tiger Woods interviews with Earl Woods Scholars